To Procure Through Pay For A Greater Purpose™ -
To deliver procure-through-pay financing and enablement programs to education, healthcare and government buyers and suppliers that maximize on-contract spend, efficiency, and financing benefits without additional cost or risk as a way to help these organizations to extend more benefits to students, teachers, patients, citizens, served by these industries.


PayBack values and works tirelessly to exemplify:

  • Integrity, Consistency, Honesty and Courage;
  • Motivation, Commitment, Reliability and Loyalty;
  • Quality, Efficiency, Creativity, and Innovation;
  • Education, Respectfulness, and Open-Mindedness;
  • Inspiration, Passion, and Optimism.


PayBack is rooted in its founder’s and broader team’s procure-through-pay experience and their success in driving cohesive programs that define the next evolution of procure-through-pay effectiveness.  With this at the foundation, Payback is developing a world-class company to maximize its impact and create value across industries delivering both commercial value and positive social impact. 


PayBack employees and partnering buyers, suppliers, financiers. cooperatives, and technology providers are united in improving procure-through-pay for a greater purpose of enabling educators, healthcare professionals, public servants and philanthropists to do more with less in conveying more value to their beneficiaries, communities at large.