PayBack has several exciting partner relationships established which we will be announcing soon.


Payback offers a new way of doing business: instead of competing with GPOs, alliances and associations, we partner with them to provide the highest value.  By offering Cooperative/GPO constituents the opportunity to streamline purchasing and make accounts payable profitable, Payback is changing the game. By implementing electronic payment programs, creating new revenues, reducing payment transactions, and fully integrating the end-to-end procurement process for buyers, Payback can then enable Preferred Suppliers to maximize their volume and improve cash flow from participating buyers at a lower cost of doing business.



Payback introduces buyers and sellers within a trusted platform. Partnering with Payback offers asset management groups the opportunity to become involved in a program that offers value across multiple sectors, including government, health care, non-profit, community-minded for-profits, and educational institutions. The current and potential diversity and depth of stakeholders provides a high-volume prospect with low-cost, low-risk initiation.



PayBack partners with technology leaders to transform the procure-to-pay business model. This is accomplished by providing full insight into cash-flow and financial commitments, along with the ability to take advantage of payment discount opportunities.With the shared goals of integration, efficient design and innovative workflow systems, PayBack offers technology partners creative and intelligent purchasing solutions that will maximize value end-to end, from clients’ procurement experience to catalog provisioning to fully integrated transaction processing and payment.


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