PayBack @ NACUBO 2015 Annual Meeting

PayBack is in attendance at the NACUBO 2015 Annual Meeting at booth #366. Stop by and learn about the PayBack program and our exciting new partnerships with the North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities (NCICU) association and Premier-Reach.

North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities, NCICU, is the statewide office for North Carolina’s 36 independent, nonprofit institutions of higher education. Since 1969, they have helped develop scholarship support, engage in state and federal policy work, and partner with the state’s other education systems. NCICU also develops research and information, supports staff development, and coordinates collaboration among our institutions. In partnership with NCICU, PayBack will help NCICU member institutions make purchasing and procurement profitable, so they can bring that value back to their faculty, staff and the students and families who attend NCICU schools.

Premier REACH™
Premier REACH™ is a leading supply chain management group focused on cost management, savings and operational efficiencies for the education, hospitality and recreation industries. By leveraging over $41 billion in combined annual purchasing power through Premier’s negotiated contracts, PayBack can deliver an average of 6 to 13 percent savings to our higher education buyers on products and services they purchase every day.